Welcome to SAZESH, home of resolving disputes

SAZESH is an ancient Persian word with its roots as far back as thousand years from the time human being started to trade, or perhaps before that. This word is a noun, verb, adverb and adjective. Here, SAZESH, has been used as noun for the name of the institution and verb, adverb, and adjective as the mission of the institution. SAZESH in English means the followings: Acquiescence, Adaptability, Agreement, Amity, Arrangement, congruence, Consent, Cooperation, Coordination, Cordiality, Creative Spirit, Fellowship, Harmony, Lenient, Peaceful, Settlement, Solution, Thinking Alike, Union, and Reconciliation. SAZESH INSTITUTE is a not for profit Global Institute committing itself to the Principals of Promoting and encouraging adaptation of dispute resolution process in resolving differences of any nature with the high standard practice of fairness, moral values and ethics (Ethical Reconciliation).