Initiating Midi/Arbit

Initiating Mediation or Arbitration

As previously indicated, the most important step in proceeding with mediation or arbitration is the mutual agreement between the parties to submit their dispute to mediation or arbitration. One of the parties in dispute (most probably the plaintiff) will contact Sazesh, and will request an "Arbitration/Mediation Form"; upon completion of the form they will submit it to Sazesh. Upon review by Sazesh, its approval and acceptance of the case, Sazesh will take the following general actions. a. Will assign the case to a case administrator and will let the parties know who their case administrator is going to be.. b. Administrator will provide a list of Conciliators (Mediators or Arbitrators) to the parties for their review. Parties and their agents or attorneys will mutually agree to select one or a panel of 3 Conciliators to hear their case. In case the parties could not come to an agreement, then Sazesh may elect a Conciliator(s) for them.

Presentation of the Case
a. Administrators, upon consulting with all parties, will establish a time and place for the hearing. (Sazesh will try to hold hearings in different locations, depending on accessibility to the parties if possible).
b. At the hearing, the plaintiff, his agent or his/her attorney will present the case, all pertinent documents, witnesses and etc. and will submit a summary request. During this presentation, the other party will keep the Code of Silence and will listen. c. Upon completion of the presentation by the plaintiff, the defendant will present its case, documents, witnesses and etc. and will submit a summary request. During this presentation the plaintiff will observe the Code of Silence and will not interrupt d. Upon completion of the presentation by the defendant, the plaintiff will submit rebattle, and the defendant will do the same. This will continue until all sides have made their complete presentation. Conciliator(s) will have time to also ask their questions.

Summary & Award
a. If the parties had requested for mediation, upon completion of the presentation, the mediator will try his/her best (by getting parties involved), (to work out a solution) for possible reconciliation and settlement . b. If the parties have requested Arbitration, upon completion of hearing, Arbitrator(s) will have 10 working days to issue the Award. Award will be given to the case administrator and the case administrator will submit to both parties. At all times during the process, the parties will be in communication only with Sazesh and their Case Administrator. None of the parties, their agents, and or attorneys should ever directly or indirectly in any way and form contact the Conciliators (Mediators - Arbitrators).