Mission & Principals

About Sazesh

Sazesh Institute is a not for profit Global Institute committing itself to the Principals of: 1) Promoting and encouraging adaptation of dispute resolution process in resolving differences of any nature with the high standard practice of fairness, moral values and ethics (Ethical Reconciliation). 2) Promoting adaptation of theory of "Mitigation" in place of "Litigation" process in dispute resolution (Mitigate - Not - Litigate). 3) To be active and contribute towards the advancement of educational and professional development of all persons, by recruiting and training them in the field of Mediation, Arbitration and Reconciliation. 4) To provide facilities and contribute towards setting up facilities for providing mediation and arbitration globally. To actively conduct arbitration and mediation and dispute resolution services for individuals, Professionals, Organizations and Government. 5) To conduct research in determining the effect of religious belief, culture, tradition, society's political system (Capitalist, Socialist, etc.), economics, education, family training and their influences and effects on the desire to settle dispute. To provide and/or contribute towards providing facilities for research and development of new techniques and processes to resolve disputes. 6) To study and conduct research on Ethics, Moral Values and Fairness and to determine their effect on creating conflict or contribution towards the conflict resolution (Ethical Reconciliation). To conduct educational programs, seminars in correlating the relationship between ethics and reconciliation. 7) To continuously research and study individuals and organizations to determine, by updating high ethical and moral values, what are the contributing factors that can be helpful to make them more reconciliatory, lenient, harmonized, peaceful, cordial, consonant, agreeable, adaptable, acquiescence, cooperative, compatible, consenting and compromising. 8) To prepare and continuously update Sazesh Institutes "Ethical Mitigation" systems and procedures, which is the use of Ethical Reconciliation through the theory of Mitigate - Not - Litigate process, and make it available for public benefit.