Javanan Magazine on its May 26th 2005 Issue

Nasser Khalili was born in Tehran, Capital of Iran. He left Iran for the United States in 1963. He graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree in 1969. He earned a MBA degree in 1972 and his doctorate in law in 1982. He earned a second doctorate in International Management in 1998.

During over 30 years of activities, Kalili has gained invaluable knowledge and experience in management of different large and small industries. His experience spans to International operations with several million Dollars budgets. He is also a member of International and the United States lawyers associations and is a State of California Arbitrary Judge. He has used his education and experience in arbitration and judgments in many fields such as Industrial management, Industrial Engineering and construction worldwide and in the United States.

Dr. Khalili is the founder and Chairman of board of the Sazesh Institute. Sazesh Institute is a none profitable educational organization that providing its services free of charge for solving its patriots problems through mitigation and dispute resolution. Locally and Internationally.

From a long time ago, Many thousands of years ago, when humans has just started to advance, there was four primary subjects surrounding humans like a rectangle. (Need, Commerce, dispute, dispute resolution). At the beginning, need of humans were limited. They were using clubs and stones for hunting food. Little by little this need became larger and more sophisticated. And personal needs became group needs. Then commerce began. For example, farmer produced wheat and took to mill. Mill made flower that in turn was taken to bakery to be baked to bread. This bread was exchanged with other material such as milk and cattle. At the beginning this commerce was very limited. But as it became larger, disputes rose.

Javanan Magazine on its May 26th 2005 Issue

People needed help in mediation and solving of problems. Little by little, disputes occurring in a local area have changed to wider range of dispute between cities and countries. Human needs have made it necessary for thousands of engineers, specialists and workers to cooperate and produce items such as an airplane. Or for producing a gallon of gasoline that we use in our cars, thousands of people from several countries cooperate. Obviously solving problems in such level will not be a simple task. As the level business increases, the disputes becomes more sophisticated.

In today's world, computers and Internet have produces additional problems to a level that courts and justice systems are overloaded and no longer can handle people's cases. Some countries like the United States, disputes are not solved in traditional way and mostly are solved by use of law through city, state, and federal courts. Although United States has only 6 to 7% of the world population, it has more than 60% of world's lawyers. And still they are incapable solving people's disputes. Currently in the United States, the word "Sue" and suing and my lawyer is better than yours has become a common threat. People who do not have any experience with the justice system are using it as source of power. But when they get engaged in a lawsuit, they discover costs, problems, time consumption and confusion of being involved in a lawsuit. It is about 20 years that United States has put a policy that any dispute should be approached with arbitration first, before it goes to court.

Suggestions for any business contract.
1- To keep a good relationship, draw a contract before any business interaction. This not showing a mistrust. This is necessary to keep friendship.
2- Hire a lawyer specialist in that kind of transaction.
3- Use arbitration in disputes and put this option in your contracts.